August Book Reviews

Hello friends! So I'm trying out a new style of book review for my blog- basically instead of doing one long book review for each book I thought I could just sum up all the books I read at the end of each month. Although I'm an avid reader and read all the time, I have a confession to make- I'm a much slower reader than some of you other book bloggers! Maybe I read quickly technically, but when it comes to literature I like to spend time looking back on details and flipping through pages to catch threads. So I take my time. But that said, I apologize if there's not like twenty books on here per month like some of you manage- I don't know how you do it. But let me know how you like this style in the comments, and comment your thoughts on any you've read.

p.s. sorry it's a tad late I was on vacation this weekend and couldn't post

Loving vs. Virginia by Patricia Hruby Powell; Illustrated by Shadra Strickland
5/5 Stars

This poem/graphic novel/ documentary novel was painfully beautiful and dealt delicately and simply with complex matters like civil rights and love. I almost cried like three times, which is a lot for someone who never cries during books. The poem was so artistically done, and kept the story open to reader interpretation and didn't try to fill in historical gaps that could only be truly known if you were there, instead leaving the reader to enjoy and imagine what life was like for this couple. PLEASE READ THIS BOOK

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzergald
4/5 Stars

This is a classic, which I missed out on reading in English last year, so I had to pick it up this summer. The language in this is A M A Z I N G. If you're a sucker for run on sentences and loads of description like I am, then you simply have to pick this one up. The reason it only made four out of five stars is probably because of the ending- I wish it had had a more resounding, closing statement. English teachers might argue with me but I felt that this ending didn't finish as strongly as it could've, and that it could've left a more lasting impact on the reader. Other than that the story was golden and gave a lot of commentary on the glitz of the East in the 20s and popularity, as well as themes about love and marriage. Overall it was an excellent read, I highly recommend picking it up if you haven't already.

Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poets by Evan Roskos
4/5 Stars

This book was one of the better books I've read that dealt with depression and anxiety. It covered the topics fairly and (at least as far as my experience goes) accurately, as well as lightening the mood with some respectful but genuinely funny humor. The style it was unique and whimsical and poetry-infused, which I love. It was a quick read but a good one, and if definitely made you think. My only complaint was Beth, she felt fake and didn't live up to what I hoped she would. Other than that it was an excellent read, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a lighthearted but simultaneously real book about anxiety and depression.

Page by Paige by Laura Lee Gulledge
5/5 Stars

All I have to say about this book is that it is literally about me ok I've never read a more relatable book in my life. 5/5 no brainer, thank you Laura Lee Gulledge for understanding exactly what it's like to be me wow.

Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman
5/5 Stars

This book was phenomenal. It artfully and respectfully portrayed what it's like to have schizophrenia as a teenager. The portrayal of his conscious and his mind was so well written and painted an eloquent and real picture, and really helped the reader to truly understand the experience in a way that most books dealing with schizophrenia fail to do. Also, the writerly skill displayed in this book was evident and made the book that much more engaging and helped it to read smoothly and gracefully. Although it may feel that it starts out a little slow, it is definitely worth the read, as you will certainly not regret reading this book the whole way through and then taking time to ruminate on it.

Trip to LA: Long Beach Aquarium and Huntington Gardens

Part Two of my week-long vacation in LA was a trip to both an aquarium and a garden. Both were truly spectacular. I took lots of photos for you readers to enjoy. By the way- I'm hoping to post some actual content other than photos in a bit here friends. I'm sorry everything a bit in transition right now, I'm cleaning out basically my entire life and thinking really hard about what I want my internet presence to be this school year. Also youtube update- for those of you who are wondering it's still happening, I'm basically just trying to figure out how to position a camera above me while I'm drawing. If anyone has any tips on that let me know haha. Thank you friends <3

Trip to LA: Art Museums and New Shoes

Hello readers! I'm just nearing the end of my summer, and I got to spend one of my last few weeks exploring LA. I wanted post some photos and whatnot for all of you to share my trip with you. This first one is the first two days, where I went to LACMA, Third Street Promenade, and the Grove. I also ate at some cute restaurants. Enjoy <3

urban light

I didn't know these stores existed I was ecstatic

got a new pair of converse- I'd had the other ones for a year now

urban light all lit up

yellow umbrellas



look at those colors


I just really like peaches and still lives

cute french restaurant


Miracle Mile


This is kind of a weird painting but look how huge and amazingly it's done! I'm reading the caption in the corner haha. Pretty interesting.

Blogger Party !!

Hey readers! Today I wanted to participate in a quick tag from Abigail Lennah from the Ups & Downs. She recently did a post about her dream blogger meet up, and I was so excited to participate. If you haven't read her post yet, go read it, because all her ideas are so awesome. As for my dream blogger party (to which you are ALL invited):

Venue: Ok definitely a big city, such as New York or LA. We'd need a lot of places to visit and aesthetic things to do. Plus exploring the city with all of you in small groups, taking photos, eating at little cafes, and buying stuff at little shops would be so much fun.

Three Foods:
1) Pancakes. Every morning. Vanessa did a pancake tag forever ago and I still haven't gotten those photos out of my head I need to eat a pancake breakfast with you all.
2) Tea and coffee (even though they are drinks) because who hasn't posted a photo of their aesthetic drink before? Plus I'm pretty sure every blogger has either a tea or coffee obsession (or at least all the ones I've talked to).
3) Pasta and salad. Because it's pasta and salad and everyone likes it and nothing is better than spaghetti and caesar salad after a long day out.

Five Artists or Bands: Oh no. I'm going to try and choose not super obscure stuff ok I'm really trying.
1) Panic! At the Disco because don't pretend like half of you guys aren't secretly emo ok we're going to need that.
2) Probably Lorde because her new Melodrama album is priceless and would be great to listen to while talking and chilling late into the night.
3) American Authors are also just nice to jam and generally upbeat and happy too add those guys in there.
4) Depeche Mode. Because aesthetic jam.
5) Ed Sheeran because I'm pretty sure everyone knows some of his songs and they're all pretty nice and pleasant.

Three Activities:
2) Ranting. About books and movies and art and everything in between.
3) Probably sitting around reading because let's be real like over half of us are introverts and are going to need that downtime. I'm not an extrovert so I'll be partaking in that. For extroverts who don't want to read (because you very well might and if so please join us) there will be an ongoing dance party which everyone is free to participate in (including introverts I love dancing so I will also be there).

Collab Post to Do At the Party:
Hmm. I feel like it would be fun to write a story with some of you writers out there. Or maybe a creative thing where each of us tells a story from a different characters perspective and puts them all together to make a very dynamic impression of a single experience? Let me know if you want to participate in that with me haha I feel like it would be so cool.

What Interactions or Habits Would You Notice? Well the first thing that popped into my head is that I'd see who was actually a neat organized person and who just sweeps everything off their desk so they can take the "clean" picture. I am an in between to be honest. I would also like to see who is constantly writing/drawing in notebooks (me) or taking photos with their fancy camera. I like to watch artists in action. Also I'm excited to see my fashion blogger friends preparing special outfits for days out (give me some tips please).

Well that's it guys, who wants to come? You're all invited. I seriously wish we could all get together like this, how amazing would it be? You're all tagged to participate in this as well, highly recommend, it was super fun. Also, participate in Abigail's Blogger Yearbook, it's awesome for her to put together and we need everyone in it!

A Day at the Zoo

only two weeks of summer left, so I went to the zoo (one of my favorite places)
credits for most of these photos to Davy